Nigeria’s president-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, on Tuesday, met with one of the journalists he jailed during his military regime nearly 30 years ago.

Journalist, Tunde Thompson, was jailed for violating Decree 4 in 1984 when Buhari was a military Head of State.

Alongside his colleague, Nduka Iraboh, at the Guardian newspaper, Mr. Thompson became one the faces of the regime’s iron-fisted rule.

However, Mr. Thompson ahead of the presidential polls, said he had forgiven Buhari. He later worked as part of Buhari’s media team during the presidential election campaign period.

At a meeting Tuesday in Abuja, Mr. Buhari cracked jokes and praised Thompson for rising above his jail experience to forgive and support his presidential bid, saying what happened under his military regime was one of the challenges of that period.

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The president-elect also commended members of his campaign media team led by Shehu Garba for running a very “decent media campaign” despite the vigorous hate campaigns mounted against him by the Peoples Democratic Party.

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