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When it comes to your boyfriend cheating, there are no definite clues. He could be working late,or he could be cheating late. He could be dressing up for you–or his mistress. That’s what makes this type of thing so confusing and hurtful. Anyway, here are 5 classic signs your guy might be cheating on you.

1) He starts dressing better:- Did he suddenly morph from dirty boots and simple shirts to smart suits or shiny loafers? I’d add in wearing perfumes all of a sudden or changing the cologne he always wears to something new? Could be a sign the mistress gave him a bottle that she likes better.

2) Guarding the cellphone:-. This is one I’ve heard a lot in my girlfriend circles….. He suddenly starts sleeping with the phone by his bedside or taking it to the shower with him. If he won’t let you touch his phone, something’s up!!!

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3) He begins making hurtful remarks about you:-. Picking fights all of a sudden is a classic ploy……. This way,if he ever gets caught, he can blame it on you and say you two were always fighting.

4) Talking about how “ugly” a certain woman is:- This is one I’ve seen a few times… A guy tries to cover up his attraction to a certain woman by slagging her off every chance he gets.

5) Friends acting strange:- his friends will certainly remain loyal to him in most cases. They will not let you know what’s going on but they will definitely be racked with guilt and their behaviour may change slightly when they’re around you while protecting his secret

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