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Fellow Nigerians, When did it get to these stage??? Take 10 people within age bracket of 19-25 and, chances are 10 of them are yahoo guys working boys like they call themselves and ladies are not excluded.

The economy is bad, we all agree but, is this what’s next? Of recent i tried buying something online and i was told i couldn’t buy from that site with Paypal because i’m a Nigerian.

A friend once asked me ‘When will it get better’???

I told him it can’t start with this generation of ours…

Children of 2day, Leaders of tomorrow….

A teenager who is already into Cyber Crimes and every other fast means of making money, will definitely not think twice before taking his own share of the National treasure or National Cake as it is known…

Who then are we looking forward to as Leaders of tomorrow???

If indeed we are the future leaders of tomorrow, then, will you not agree with me that, truly, the future looks bleak for us???

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