Update On Goldie Harvey’s Death…

Update On Goldie Harvey’s Death…


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Goldie at the  2013Grammys
Goldie at the 2013Grammys


This is a sad news. Nigerian female singer Goldie is dead. She died this evening at Reddington Hospital in Victoria Island. We don’t really know the cause of her death, but trying to get information on what killed her. It will be recalled that Goldie attended the just concluded Grammy Awards in US before returning home. This is really sad. It’s so hard to say RIP.
UPDATE: A lot of youths are presently at Reddington Hospital and security men are trying to control the crowd.
A member of Kennis music record label said she might have died of Pneumonia- An inflammatory condition of the lung—affecting primarily the microscopic air sacs known as alveoli.


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