Is Jim Iyke now into Buying& Selling?(Brazilian hair, Nollywood forms etc)

Posted by @StraitTwistedMe in Entertainment News on July 30, 2012

Jim Iyke is not only one of Africa’s finest actors, but a business man.He has made this known by venturing into several businesses, even tried his hands at music.
But this recent business venture which I stumbled into on Facebook doesn’t seem like something Jim Iyke would do.
I mean selling Nollywood forms, Brazilian hair etc is downright hilarious.
Someone actually drew my attention to it this morning and I didn’t believe until I saw for my self.What’s even more alarming is the fact that, people are trying to patronize him.


I told my friend that, this is definitely a Fake Jim Iyke trying to impersonate him on facebook.
Since I’m not his publicist, I humbly call on Mr Jim to follow in the footsteps of Psquare and alert the public and his fans about this impostor, so innocent people don’t fall prey.
.Unless, he is actually the one


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