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10 things you must avoid when planning for your wedding if you don’t want it to be a disaster


The societal pressure placed on weddings these days have made some ceremonies end up a disaster. Every one wants to get featured in Bella Naija and they go way too far trying to keep up but these things don’t sum up for a good wedding ceremony. Simplicity in its sense is what makes a great wedding. Mistakes are inevitable while planning a wedding, so try not to sweat it. But here’s a heads-up on 10 of the most common wedding planning mistakes so you can avoid them from the get-go.

1. Doing Anything Before the Guest List

You’re so excited to be engaged and plan the most amazing wedding. You can’t wait to get the ball rolling with save-the-dates, booking your venue, choosing your flowers and tasting cake flavors. But hold on—one of the most important factors that goes into wedding planning is your guest list. It’s what determines most of the other elements of your wedding, from the catering bill to the ceremony seating arrangement.

The solution: It’s not the most fun part of planning, but you shouldn’t make any decisions before you have your wedding guest list pretty firmly in place. Why? You don’t want to put down a nonrefundable deposit on a cozy restaurant room that fits 75 when your mother-in-law’s additions bump your list up over 200. Once you’ve discussed numbers with your fiancé and families, then you can move forward. That said, this means you and your fiancé can almost immediately start thinking about what you want the atmosphere of your wedding to be: an intimate affair, with close friends and family-only, or the bash of the season with 300-plus people (or somewhere in the middle)? Later, when you’re in the guest-list trenches, this bit of planning will help back up your gut instinct about whether to say yes (or no) to guest-list additions.